Why you can count on a Butter Braid® Pastry Fundraiser
for all your fundraising needs:

We Make Things Easy For You

A Proven Product…

Because Butter Braid® pastries are not sold in stores, people can only purchase them through our fundraising groups. Most often you will have group members call you wanting more once they’ve had a chance to taste them! Your group members, as well as their friends, family and co-workers, will look forward to your Butter Braid fundraiser year after year!

A Simple Program…

We pride ourselves on simplicity to make your life easier. We do not require contracts or up-front costs. Your group will make a high $6.00 profit for every item sold. We will provide free customized order forms for your group along with other tools to help promote your fundraiser. Delivery is free. Not only do we personally deliver your order, but we make sure it is organized properly, ready for your sellers to pick up.

A Great Experience…

From the time you sign-up and all the way through to your delivery, we are here for you every step of the way. We are a local family-owned business, and our goal is to work with our groups long term. We do this by excelling in customer service; consistently providing a proven product, simple program, and a incredible experience!


Local company:  We are a family owned company offering you personal service & attention.

Proven Product:  Your group can sell Butter Braid® pastries with confidence knowing they are providing a premium quality product.  Look for the Butter Braid® logo!  If you don’t see the red, yellow and blue Butter Braid® logo, it’s not the Original Butter Braid® pastry!

Profit:  Reach and exceed your fundraising goals selling at $14 retail with a $6 profit; a 43% profit!

• Quick:  A complete fundraiser in 3-4 weeks, including pre-sorting, labeling of each order at delivery.  We even stay to help organize.

• Risk free:  No upfront costs, no left-over inventory because you only purchase what you sell.

• No order minimums:  Your group can purchase any amount without being required to purchase minimums.

• Contact-Free:  No contracts to sign or hidden performance clauses or additional fees.

• Less competition:  A premium product used exclusively for fundraising. Not sold in retail stores or online. Ever.

• Free Starter Kit:  Order forms, posters, incentive ideas, parent’s letter template, and samples (if needed).

• Simple Program:  We make your fundraising experience as simple, and as stress-free as possible.

All in 6 Easy Steps:

1. Sign up: Call our friendly staff or sign-up online.

2. Sell: Pass out order forms, emphasize group goals, and start selling.  Frequent reminders and encouragement help boost sales!

3. Collect Forms: Collect completed order forms and money from your selling participants.

4. Tally Orders: Tabulate the total items sold by flavor for your entire group. Use our handy Order Tabulator.

5. Send Us Your Order: Use our online version of our order submission form here or download it here. Orders may be changed up to 24 hours prior to delivery.

6. Delivery: We arrive to set up and assist with order separation if we have not pre-sorted your order, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and time saved. Our professional and courteous delivery personnel will help you with the breakdown to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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