Common FAQ’s Answered:

Also posted in Products on our “Butter Braid® Pastry Facts”, we list them here again for your convenience

Q. I bought some Butter Braid® pastries through a fundraiser, and now I want MORE! How do I place an order?

Glad to hear you enjoy Butter Braid® pastries! They are sold exclusively through fundraisers for $14 each.

We are happy to connect you with the closest group running a fundraiser. We can have someone from the group contact you or give you their contact information, whichever you prefer! Just contact us with your city/zip code/major cross streets.

Q. How long can I keep my Butter Braid® pastries in the freezer?

When kept at 0° F or below, Butter Braid® pastries are at their best when consumed within 6 months of manufacture. Packages recommend consuming within 6 weeks of receiving your order. While we have many consumers rave about product performance even after a year or more of storage, they may not rise as high with an extended length of time.

Q. Where can I find allergen and nutritional information?

Simply go to our Products  page, and click on the flavor icons for details.

Q. How many people will my Butter Braid® pastry serve?

We recommend sharing! A Butter Braid ® pastry is 22 oz (1 lb, 6 oz). Your Butter Braid ® pastry should serve eleven 2 oz slices.

Q. What is the profit percentage for my fundraising group?

You sell the Butter Braid ® pastries for $14 each and earn $6 on each one (43% profit). You collect the $14 per item and deposit into your group account. Nothing is due to us until delivery!  There are no up-front costs.  Simple, fun, and profitable!

Q. Can my out-of-town family member purchase Butter Braid® pastries through my fundraiser and have it shipped?

Not at this time. It is best to take orders from friends and family you can personally delivery to.

Q. How does a Butter Braid® fundraiser delivery work?

Our free delivery will take place typically within 1-2 weeks of when you provide your order totals to us. In addition to personally delivering your order to your location, we stay and help your organize the pre-sorted and labeled orders.  If we choose to sort onsite, we stay and assist you throughout the sorting process and help you break down each individual order. We provide boxes and bags for order breakdown, and we always have extra product on hand just in case. Our system is FAST and ORGANIZED. For every 500 items ordered, you can expect about 30 minutes of sorting time.  Extra volunteers are always appreciated!

Q. How long can Butter Braid® pastries be out of the freezer on delivery day?

When we deliver, your Butter Braid® pastries are COLD (we store them at 10 below zero). Participants generally have about 3 hours from delivery to get their orders back in a freezer. Using a cooler can lengthen this time period. We also are able to provide professional-grade freezer blankets to schools that have after-care programs when needed.

Q. Do you deliver to fundraising groups outside of the San Diego County area?

Yes! We serve the Orange and Riverside counties. Delivery minimums apply. Contact us to find out more!

Question not yet answered? Contact us and we will get back to you ASAP!