Baking Tips & Handling

How to get the most from your delicious products

Butter Braid® Pastries



1. Take frozen Butter Braid® pastry out of wrapper and place on a lightly greased (or parchment lined) cookie sheet. Set frosting packet aside for step 4.

2. Let pastry thaw and rise by leaving out for 10-12 hours (+/- one hour due to room temperature variations) or until about double in size.

3. Bake at 325°F for 18-26 minutes or until golden brown. Adjust baking time accordingly for variation in oven temperature and for baking more than one pastry at a time.

4. Let pastry cool for 20-30 minutes before slicing. Snip corner off frosting packet and drizzle over top of pastry. Enjoy!

The More the Merrier

Having a party or feeding a crowd? It’s easy to prepare up to six Butter Briad® pastries in a standard oven with two racks at one time. Line two or three side-by-side on a rimmed cookie sheet as pictured.  Just be sure to rotate half-way through for even baking.



· Ideal room temperature for rising is 70-75°F

· Place a sheet of plastic wrap lightly sprayed with cooking spray on top of your pastries as they rise

· Set out at bedtime and bake in the morning for a delicious breakfast treat

· Take out first thing in the morning for an easy and quick dinner dessert

· Use anytime for real homemade taste with very little work

· Use an electric knife to slice up servings in seconds

· Top your baked pastry with sprinkles, candles, and any other decoration to celebrate a special occasion

· Relax and know that each pastry comes with instructions printed on the wrapper

A Peek Inside Our Freezer

Butter Braid® pastries are stored frozen at -12°F. Though they are rock solid right from the freezer we strongly recomend getting your pastries into a freezer or delivered to your customers within a 3-hour window. Butter Braid R pastries can be kept in a freezer at or below 0°F for up to 6 months and still bake up fresh when you’re ready to use them.